Trust in experience

We have been working with sports and membership organisations around the globe since 2012 and continue to grow, develop our software and our service and delight our community. So let our Community tell you why JustGo is the choice for you.

Build a brighter future

JustGo helps to implement newer and modern processes into your working practices. We’ve moved past the days of using spreadsheets or multiple systems to do the same job. Get yourself on our secure and digital solution and discover why JustGo is right for you.

Get back to what you love

You don’t want to spend hours on administration, you want to JustGo have some fun! That’s why JustGo offers a whole range of automations to make your life easier and more enjoyable. We have automated communications to do the talking for you, automated membership renewals to collect the payments for you and smart rules and logic to ensure members only need to see what is relevant to them, removing any confusion during the purchase process.

Play to your strengths

JustGo has the flexibility and integration capability to allow you to continue benefitting from your most important systems. We can work closely with your third parties to ensure we setup an integration that provides you with all the data and insights you need wherever you need them. Why limit yourself when you can JustGo further with us.

Make members happy

Nothing is more important than keeping your members happy, and that means giving them the simplest and most efficient renewal experience possible. Nobody wants to jump through hoops for their membership, unless they’re training for Crufts of course! That is why JustGo allows you to store your data year on year, allowing members access anytime if they need to update any details, pre-populating data capture with existing info and even better, allowing auto-renewals so next year your members won’t have to lift a finger.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Don’t get stuck doing the admin alone. With JustGo, members can look after their own data, buy their own memberships and event tickets and upload their own certifications. If you have others willing to help you but you didn’t have a way to let them before, then with JustGo you will benefit from being able to allow multiple admins to help lighten the load.

Let JustGo do the work so you don't have to!