Collect Online Payments

Don’t get left behind. Ensure you have the ability to collect online and automatic online payments to make your members lives that much easier

Secure online payments

With our integrated and secure online payment portal your members can make online payments 24/7. You no longer need to limit yourself to cash and check payments or sharing your bank details for a transfer. Introducing online payments is proven to increase your customer satisfaction and retention rates. It also saves you a lot of time from those trips to the bank! So what are you waiting for?

Subscriptions and instalments

Get your members auto-renewing their memberships through our subscription functionality, and watch your retention rates rocket. Why manually update your own membership when JustGo can do it for you?

You can also offer instalment payments to help members financially. You have the flexibility to take an initial payment and then split the remaining payments throughout a duration of your choosing.

Automated payment reminders

Don’t let your members forget about upcoming payments and ensure to switch on the auto payment reminder email from Email Management.

Low transaction fees

Worried about high transaction fees for taking online payments? Don’t be. For a system that allows you to create and manage the products as well as collect the fees for them, we have extremely competitive rates and work hard to ensure they stay that way.

Easily update payment info

Members and administrators can easily update payment card details through the Finance dashboard to ensure no payments bounce and no cards expire.

Full or partial refunds

Sometimes refunds are unavoidable so JustGo ensures you can complete full or even partial refunds whenever you need to so you can keep your members happy.

Fully traceable and reportable

Online payments means traceable payments. You have the ability through the JustGo Finance dashboard or our full range of reporting to ensure every payment is clear and accounted for.

Now's the time to take all your payments online and secure your finances with JustGo​