Manage your Membership

Trust in a Membership Management solution used by thousands around the world to streamline, automate and save you time.

Create and sell memberships

Create and sell an unlimited number of your own branded memberships. Attract new members by designing the perfect purchase journeys and select from a wide range of Smart rules to help simplify user experience or provide discounts and surcharges for promotions such as early bird pricing.

JustGo provides powerful member retention functionality that gives you the ability to setup auto-renewals, instalment payments and renewal reminders for the benefit of offering a great experience to all of your members.

A single view of all your member data

Keep all your member data in one secure place so you can get rid of old spreadsheets and costly systems. Benefit from the single view in JustGo that unifies your entire community. With the peace of mind that whoever is online, whether it’s a member, volunteer or administrator, they are seeing the latest information. It’s a hassle free membership experience.

Members have full access to their own data

Remove the barriers and allow your members to manage their own data so that administrators and volunteers don’t have to do all the work. Members can login to their profile on any device and buy their membership, update their details, raise enquiries and much more. There will never be a need to repeat any data capture because all information is stored in the members secure profile year on year. If the standard data capture fields aren’t enough for what you need then you can make use of the Field Management feature to create as much additional data capture as you like. You can even mandate the completion if necessary!

Smart rules for smart buying

Apply discounts, show only what’s relevant or add a surcharge to your memberships and event tickets with our smart purchasing rules. We have a wide range of rules available from which you can define by age, date, location, membership type, affiliated club and more, all with the view to making your life simpler.

Tier Linked Memberships

With the multi-tiered capabilities in JustGo you can easily link memberships with other levels of your hierarchy in order to improve the member experience and allow single transactions for multi-tier purchasing. For example, a national sports organisation can easily link their memberships with their affiliated clubs and regional bodies.

Membership Journey

You can include additional data capture, products, pre-requisite requirements such as credentials, and more to your membership journey in order to let you create the best possible experience for each membership type and for every member.

Family membership

Cater for your families with our Family Discount module. Define a wide range of combinations based on age or membership type so you can allow your families to buy the same memberships as all your other members but with a discount applied. It’s as simple as being in a family that matches your chosen criteria.

Subscriptions and instalments

Allow your members to benefit from automatic subscription payments to simplify their renewal process, or pre-defined payment plans to help them spread the cost of their membership throughout the year.

Start making your community happy with JustGo!