Event Ticketing, Courses & Attendance​

Create an unlimited number of event categories and types to suit all your requirements with our one of a kind Event Management software.

Create Unlimited Events Of Any Kind

JustGo provides an all-inclusive Event Ticketing & Course Management offering. This can be used to promote and take bookings for social events, online classes, training participation, AGM attendance, leagues, course bookings, competitions, major events and much more.


Keep Your Events Organised

Using the category feature you can easily keep your events organised and structured so your members can find exactly what they’re looking for in the simplest way possible.

Waitlists And Notify Me

You can setup event waitlists for pre-event bookings so you can easily notify bookers when tickets go on sale. You can even create a waitlist for when events become fully booked. Use your waitlist to reserve spaces, notify of newly available spaces or even move bookers onto a new event so they’re first in-line next time round.

Smart Purchasing With Smart Rules

Do you have tickets that only members can purchase? Maybe they need to be in a particular club, of a certain age or based in a specific location.

Do you want to offer early bird pricing or even add a surcharge for those who don’t meet a certain criteria?

With our smart rules you can do all of this and more.

Issue Credentials Automatically

You can easily select from your pre-created credentials to decide what will be issued upon successful completion of an event or course. This can be excellent for coaching certifications such as a coaching level 1. And there’s no need to ever update the members profile individually because JustGo does it for you.

Make Your Events Public

Publish your events on your website or share them through social media to increase the awareness and attract more ticket sales. You can also make use of the event finder weblet by embedding it on your website. Directly link to them for booking and don’t forget to make use of the smart rules for any restrictions you may have. 



Upsell Products With Your Tickets

Add upsell products to your tickets to make sure your ticket buyers have everything they. You may also wish to charge extra for something like a hard copy certificate following a course. The Products feature has the flexibility you need and also helps increase your revenue at the same time.

Event And Ticket Templates

Save time creating your next event by taking advantage of the event and ticket templates feature. Just make sure you up date the event timings to the new ones!

Feature The Main Event

Take advantage of the featured event option to showcase your most popular and biggest events. These will be highlighted at the top of the screen to take priority over your other events and ensure they don’t go unnoticed by your ticket buyers.

Organise your events and get your tickets booked in no time with JustGo​